Top 10 interview tips

We have put together our essential list of 10 must do tips to impress and land the job you could be one step away from. The person behind that desk wants you to be the one as much as you want the job. You just need to get it right. Tick the list and good luck!

1. Research the company, research the people

What they do, their market, their culture, what they are looking for and how you will fit in perfectly. Dropping in facts about the business, what they do best and what their customers’ needs are will help. They will know in an instant if you have done your homework (or not). Check their website, their latest news or blogs, their meet the team. Google searches will help you find where they have been mentioned, in the press for example. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook … will give you an idea of current topics and an understanding of the culture of the company.

2. Preparation is key

Read the job advert, understand what they are looking for. Prepare your opening introduction, write your answers on a sheet or neat note pad and take a pen. Do a dummy run the day before the interview so you know how long it will take to get you there. Find the car park (and overflow), the main entrance too so you know where to head. Everything you can think of, walk it through and tick off a list of preparation notes.

3. Dress to impress

It doesn’t matter what job you are going for, make first impressions count. Think about the culture of the company, if it’s suit and tie, wear suit and tie. Speak to us about interview dress and we’ll help you get it right. Even if it’s casual wear, it is still advisable to dress smart for that one day so you look like you have thought it through in advance.

4. Be on time

Allow a good 30 minutes in advance of the start time, even if you sit in the car or go for a coffee close by. It will allow for any holdups, give you time to practice and calm any butterflies before you go in.

5. Smile and practice your handshake

A smile at the receptionist and as you shake the hand of the interviewer. A firm handshake shouldn’t be a vice grip but should show a degree of confidence that you are ready and happy to be there! You never know who is watching you as you head for your interview and as you leave so be friendly, polite and respectful to all you meet.

6. Listen to the interviewer

Once inside listen to instructions as they start the interview and listen to each question carefully. Very carefully. By this you can understand better what they are looking for and how to answer it. Take time to think about your answer and keep answers brief so they can move the interview on. They have limited time and you have a short window to impress those in front of you.

7. Make reference to the job advertised

If you have prepared well, the type of skills they need and the type of person they are looking for should be instilled in your head. Mention it, as an example “you are looking for …” then adapt your answers to suit them.

8. Give good examples

Think about where you excelled and how you made a difference. Improved, increased, reduced, saved, helped are good things to think about … what they meant to the business. Have these rehearsed so you can present them well.

9. Ask good questions

Ensure you have questions ready for when they ask. Make them relevant to the post and listen to the answers, taking notes as you listen in some cases. If you are unsure about what questions to ask, we can help so you are fully prepared.

10. Follow up

It’s a nice gesture to thank the interviewer (s), find out decision timescales and next steps. You may even decide to drop them an email as a follow up to stand out a little. You never know what lasting impression this will make!

If you are unsure about any of the above and would like some help from the 4 Resourcing team, please contact us on 0113 869 0051.


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