Impress with our 5 CV tips

You are one step away from the job you’ve always wanted. What’s standing between you and a job offer is a great CV.

We have seen many CV’s over the years and from this, we have put together our tips on what to include and what will impress. What will get picked up from the raft of CV’s and what makes a winning combination to get to the next stage.

1. First impressions really do count

Make your CV look smart. Bullet points are good alongside, short sentences with key facts, avoiding long winded sentences. Keep it consistent too, try to keep paragraphs the same with space between sections so it is neat and well presented.

Aim for two pages of A4 paper. Employers have seconds to decide the first elimination batch so don’t put them off with any more than that.

2. Make it specific to the role

Don’t send the same CV for every job you apply for. Read the job advert carefully and tailor it, changing the skills, the experience and adapt to the role they are recruiting for. Make notes of good examples ready for the interview so it matches up and relates directly to their requirements.

3. Include a good introduction

Or personal statement to head up the CV relating to why you are the right person for the job. Keep it short, 3 or 4 lines as an impressive start to the rest of the CV which should flow with skills they are looking for.

4. Think about key words

Include key words in your CV where you can. Online applications will be processed based on key words so think about what the role requires, research it and use the words in your CV. Leave out words and you won’t be found at all.

Remember to proof read it, get someone else to proof read it! Check your grammar, watch out for spelling mistakes. One silly mistake could lead to ‘in’ or ‘bin’, it is that competitive at this stage in the process.

5. Give proof to your achievements

If you have increased, reduced or improved an area in a previous role, back it up with a quantifiable amount. For example increasing productivity amongst the team or a 25% increase in production over 12 months sounds a little more credible. Think of your achievement and try to relate an amount and time frame to each one.

If you would like us to look through your CV, we would be happy to give you some points to improve your chances of an interview. As a starting point, contact the office on 0113 322 7250 and ask about CV techniques ready for your next interview.

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